Western Novels by JM Thompson

Riding for the Brand: by JM Thompson 1999

In war he was a soldier, fighting for Texas and the Confederacy. In peace, he found a second calling—as a cattle detective tracking down rustlers and…

In the Confederate army, Billy Blue saw his share of dying and did his share of killing. Now all he wants is a cowboy’s life of open sky and endless horizon as he works a cattle drive to Kansas, tracking rustlers. But a demon gunman from Hell’s Half Acre and the notorious rustler “Cherokee Bill” aren’t about to let the young rider through the Territory without a fight. And when Billy Blue fights, it’s the war all over again…

Ghost Riders: by JM Thompson & Fred Bean 2000

Retired physician Dr. Leo LeMat spends his days painting portraits of the Wild West’s most infamous shootists and offering his services as a gun for hire. He’s morally opposed to taking a man’s life—but he’s willing to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Now LeMat’s artistic ambition has taken him to rough-and-tumble Abilene, Kansas, to paint Wild Bill Hickok. But there’s trouble in this cow town—a gang of white-hooded bandits known as the Ghost Riders have been robbing trains and rustling cattle in the territory. And when LeMat finds himself embroiled in the battle against these lawbreakers, it’s not a pretty picture….

Tombstone: by JM Thompson & Fred Bean 2001

The shootout in the OK Corral made headlines from coast to coast—and made Wyatt Earp a legend. Now Leo LeMat is on the road to Tombstone, Arizona, so he can paint the infamous lawman’s portrait—and see for himself just what kind of trouble is brewing down south…

Turns out, Tombstone is running over with lowlife lawmen and dangerous desperadoes. many of whom are gunning for Earp. And before LeMat can get down to the business of painting, he’ll have to perfect the art of the quick draw…

Hell on the Border: by JM Thompson & Fred Bean 2002

The gallows of “Hanging” Judge Isaac Parker have stretched more outlaw necks than all the others throughout the Arkansas territory. And Leo LeMat wants to add Parker’s likeness to his growing collection of portraits of the American West’s most famous personalities.

Unfortunately, the judge has his hands full. A band of desperadoes is terrorizing the district known as Hell’s Half Acre, frightening the townsfolk andkeeping Parker’s deputies--led by Bat Masterson—at bay. As more gunmen drift into town on a daily basis, LeMat finds himself deputized for duty in a violent landscape where his palette will need on one color: blood red.
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