Night Blood: by James M Thompson 2001

A Taste for Blood: Maine, 1820. Lost in a blizzard, a young woodcutter seeks refuge in an isolated cabin, never suspecting that the recluse who lives there is not what he appears to be—or that the strange-tasting brew he’s offered isn’t tea. Too late, the woodcutter realizes that he is doomed to wander the earth, consumed by a raging thirst that can only be sated with the unthinkable…human blood.

A Thirst for More:  Houston, 2001. For more than a century, he has hunted for fresh prey to deed his inhuman need. Now his immortality threatened by a deadly blood disease raging across the globe—and pulsing in his own veins—he brilliantly reinvents himself as a world-renowned doctor, racing against time to find the cure that will save him.

A Hunger for Death:  As death shadows the infected doctor, ER physician Matthew Carter and forensic pathologist Samantha Scott are in their own desperate race to find a vicious serial killer who leaves his victims’ bodies drained of blood. A killer who is poised to strike again…and is closer than they think.

Tainted Blood: by James M Thompson 2004

Dark Blood: by James M Thompson 2002

For over two hundred years, Roger Niemann never had to know the end that mortals face. But eternal existence comes with a price he cannot accept…consuming human blood. Hiding in New Orleans under an assumed identity, he desperately searches for a way to cure his vampirism. Stalking the streets of New Orleans, a vicious serial killer dubbed “The Ripper” leaves his victims drained of blood. 

For Houston physician Matthew Carter, it is an all-too-familiar pattern—one that sends him racing to find Niemann. But he is not alone in his hunt…There are those intent on using the powers of a vampire for their own evil ends—a vampire sick with disease and driven into a crazed killing frenzy that will not stop until he’s taken everyone he can—including the woman Matt loves.

Immortal Blood: by James M Thompson 2003

A Desire Beyond Reason: 
As a vampire, Elijah Pike (alias Roger Niemann) has been a slave to instinct—consuming human blood to satisfy an unquenchable thirst. As a doctor, he relies on his intellect in the pursuit of a cure that will end not only his craving, but also the deadly urges of others like him.

An Appetite for Destruction:
Master vampire Michael Morpheus’s last encounter with Pike, in the Louisiana bayou, left him disfigured and consumed by hatred for those he considers traitors to the race. He went underground to lick his wounds—and to gather an army of evil that will follow him in his quest for vengeance.

A Call to Arms:
Pike knows that the fate of innocent mortals depends upon his victory in a battle against his own kind—one in which no mercy can be shown. Now, in the frozen wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, he’ll face Morpheus once more—and the snow will be stained with blood…

Dark Moon Rising: by James M Thompson 2005

Nature of the Beast:
Dr. James Wilcox is one of the foremost pediatric neurologists in the nation. Yet his expertise is useless in the face of his own brain tumor—the removal of which will result in James losing his senses of smell and taste and suffering from a mood disorder for the rest of his life.

Then a miracle arrives in the form of Dr. Albert Stern, lauded in medical journals for his achievements in sensory augmentation in primates. Dr. Stern is more than willing to apply his radical procedures in an attempt to cure James’ condition. The surgery is a success. In fact, it has the unprecedented result of heightening the rest of the patient’s senses beyond normal human parameters. But there are side effects that no one could have predicted…

Because something slipped into Stern’s chromosome matrix. Something with a homicidal disposition and an appetite for fresh-killed meat. Something that hunts by night…

Tainted Blood: by James M Thompson 2004

In this blood-chilling tale, a centuries-old doctor discovers a vaccine to cure his vampirism, and finds himself battling an evil vampire with an appetite for destruction.

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